Lee Terbosic – Comedy Magician – Official Website » Lee Terbosic is a professional comedy magician from Pittsburgh, PA that entertains both corporate and college audiences across the country.

  • 52 Up Close

    An intimate theater show focused around a pack of cards and all the incredible things Lee can do with them.

    Tour Schedule

    Lee travels the country year round and could be coming to a city, school or venue near you soon.

    Lee Terbosic

    Deck of Cards

    Lee has his own signature playing cards but you can own a deck as well. Now available in limited quantity.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Commercial

A few months back, I auditioned for a national commercial for Mike’s Hard Lemonades new product Smashed Apple Ale, and I actually landed the part! The character I was cast to play was the “World’s Greatest Mustache” winner and after a few hours in hair & makeup, that’s exactly what I looked like. Below is the YouTube version of the commercial, so check it out and let me know what you think!

Lee Terbosic:Mikes Hard 1Lee Terbosic:Mikes Hard 2Lee Terbosic:Mikes Hard 4Lee Terbosic:Mikes Hard 3