Lee Terbosic – Comedy Magician – Official Website » Lee Terbosic is a professional comedy magician from Pittsburgh, PA that entertains both corporate and college audiences across the country.

  • 52 Up Close

    An intimate theater show focused around a pack of cards and all the incredible things Lee can do with them.

    Tour Schedule

    Lee travels the country year round and could be coming to a city, school or venue near you soon.

    Lee Terbosic

    Deck of Cards

    Lee has his own signature playing cards but you can own a deck as well. Now available in limited quantity.

Hooked On Bonics – With Charlie Puth & Lee Terbosic – 001

My good buddy and fellow Pittsburgh entertainer DJ Bonics (Wiz Khalifa DJ) has started a brand new awesome podcast called Hooked On Bonics. His first episode has an interview with singer songwriter Charlie Puth and me! Bonics has such a crazy life so I am sure all his future podcast episodes will have some amazing content. Check them out and subscribe you will be glad you did. 11256371_457140761119490_1361150965_n


2015 Magician of the Year – APCA

Lee Terbosic-Magician of the Year-APCAI am honored to be named the 2015 Magician of the Year by the Association of the Promotion of Campus Activities.

Thank you to APCA, my college agent Houla Entertainment, all the colleges/universities and most importantly thank you to the students and advisors who voted for me. I look forward to coming back to your schools soon and picking up where we left off.

The college market has been my home off and on since I was 25 years old. I had done a few college shows while still in college myself, but those were the awkward years. I bounced in and out of the market mostly because I had not found my voice in it yet. Back in the spring of 2013 I decided to go back into the college market full force and really concentrate on my show, my marketing, and most importantly my connection with the students I entertain at each campus. I packed my bags, picked up my deck of cards and started showcasing at college booking conferences around the country so that I could land more dates and start building a fan base with college students. Over the past 2 or so years I performed at so many schools across the country, met some incredible people and made so many new friends that I would’ve never know about if it weren’t for the Association of the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA)

I have always been taught that in whatever you do you should always over-deliver. So when I performed at a school, I almost always would do a performance teaser: perform for random students on campus to create a buzz for my show that night. I would stay long after my show was over to meet students, take pictures and talk shop with anyone that wanted to hang. I would tour each school’s campus that I visited and get to know the people that were responsible for bringing me to their campus. I got to know these new faces and hear their stories about who they were, where they come from and avoided it being all about me… I made it all about them.

I have never been a person that put much stock in awards or winning titles but occasionally its nice to be rewarded for hard work. When APCA informed me that I was nominated for Magician of the Year I didn’t put much thought into it because I don’t have any control over it. The voting is done by the advisors and students that bring you to their schools, so if they feel I deserve to win then they will vote in my favor. Some people believe that winning awards is a popularity contest and I could not disagree more… I feel its refection of someone’s hard work, talent and character. I appreciate each and every person that helped me build my reputation in the college market and am grateful that they chose to honor me with this award. I look forward to continuing my relationships with the colleges and students I’ve created so far, as well as seeing new places and faces as I continue on this amazing adventure with APCA and the college market.